6ft From the Spotlight is a Community Interest Company (CIC) set up with the sole aim of improving the mental wellbeing of music and film crew in the UK.
Our Goals
  1. Fund training for crew members to recognise the early signs of mental illness. (First Aid)

  2. Promote the use of trained mental wellbeing crew on each music tour and film location and aim to attain parity with physical first aid, measured by numbers of crew trained in Mental wellbeing support.

  3. Promote awareness across the entertainment industry of mental wellbeing issues.

  4. Provide resources and signposting for mental wellbeing support workers in the crew networks.

  5. Promote collaboration within the film and music industries to address mental wellbeing issues and ensure that mental wellbeing attains parity with all health and safety considerations.

  6. Support crew members with advice and training.

  7. Offer fast track access to treatment through a network of highly qualified professionals.

Training for First Aid/Prevention


Recognising the early signs of mental wellbeing issues is paramount to preventing them becoming a full-blown illness.


6ft From the Spotlight will fund the training of crew members to recognise the early signs of several conditions with a package tailored to the specific requirements of the industry. Known as Mental Wellbeing First Aiders the trained crew members will be available to support their colleagues and even main artists with practical and emotional tools in a timely fashion. Hopefully, preventing an escalation of any problems


6ft From the Spotlight can also train crew members and other personnel as first aid trainers. Therefore this will create sustainability and the ability for a more exponential adoption of the concept leading to timely results.


Professional Support


6ft From The Spotlight will work with Healthcare Professionals to provide support to all crew members who need professional help and/or treatment. This may be through our own network or pre-existing industry bodies.


Awareness spans 2 areas


  1. The “6ft From” campaign and professionally developed brand

    1. We have registered

    2. Twitter handle @6ftfrom

    3. Utilise the hashtag #6FF

    4. 6ft From can be expanded to include crew names or artist/film names eg 6ft From Matt, 6ft From Stu etc

    5. This engenders a spirit of support. The crew are 6ft from the spotlight, supporting the production but I’m 6ft from the crew supporting them personally.

    6. Further tag lines that can be used on merchandise etc. eg.

      1. Mind Security

      2. Health Crew

      3. Mind Tech

      4. Wellbeing Producer

  2. Awareness of mental health issues

    1. Utilise the 6ft from concept to help break down the stigma of mental health issues

    2. Talks and taster sessions to crew and industry bodies such as the Production Guild, BECTU, BAFTA, Musicians Union as examples.

    3. Lobby production/management companies to mandate the use of Mental Wellbeing First aiders on each tour/production and to promote the parity of Mental Wellbeing with that of Physical Wellbeing.

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6ft From CIC is a non profit company trading as 6ft From The Spotlight

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