Meet our Newly Trained Well Being Facilitators

Well Being Facilitators (WBF)

6ft From CIC (6ft From The Spotlight) train and mentor WBF’s to support a production to maintain best employment practice, drive high performance levels, de-escalate challenging situations and advise on mental health risk. The result? The sustainable and ethical delivery of outstanding creative content.

Over the past few weeks, 6ft From The Spotlight have been working hard to train crew members to become Well Being Facilitators. This training was supported by the lovely team at the Film and TV Charity who awarded us a grant from their BAME community grant to train 5 experienced crew to fulfil the new role.

Over 6 days our participants undertook several modules of training including:

A) Mental Health First Aid for TV and Film Crew with Jude Spencer of Dolly Mental Health

B) i-act Managing Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing with Matt Longley (BEng CEng MIChemE)

C) Mental Health and The Law with Matt Longley

Stress Risk Assessment for Film and TV

Mental Health Policies for Film and Tv Productions

Building a business case for Prevention of Mental Health issues in Film and TV

D) Psychological Safety with Michelle White (MSc MAPPCP)

Resilience and The Emotional Brain

Coaching for Psychological Safety

Interventions, Tools and Techniques

Ethics and Boundaries

E) The Role of The Wellbeing Facilitator with Leo Anna Thomas

A Well Being Facilitator is a third party, highly trained presence on set whose role is to stem and reverse the tide of mental ill health. The role is entirely separate from a medic or the COVID Compliance Officer and has a unique dual purpose.

1) Advise producers and heads of department on how to prevent stress and mental health issues and meet their legal duty of care to the crew and cast

2) Robustly support all crew and cast with their own mental health and wellbeing on set.

The WBF will:

· Create a production specific Mental Health (MH) and Wellbeing Policy

· Produce Stress/MH Risk Assessments (i.e. work environment, content, contributors)

· Develop positive prevention MH initiatives for Production

· Create Personal Wellbeing Plans where applicable

· Liaise with Unit/Set Medic on mental health and wellbeing issues

· Signpost to appropriate support organisations

· Have access to a peer network of support and advice

· Offer a broad range of evidence based non-clinical interventions covering resilience, stress, mindfulness, optimal performance and distress reduction.

The New Facilitators

Karishma Bolakee

Karishma has worked in Film, TV and streaming for the past 10 years. She has worked in several different departments including vision mixing, research and as a Junior producer.

She is passionate about Mental Health and has undertaken several qualifications to help improve the industry.

"It's not easy to work in an industry where psychological safety and welfare can be easily overlooked. I'm invested in changing film & tv one step at a time with compassion, inclusivity and fairness. I hope the skills, knowledge and emotional intelligence I have can create a healthier production. I look forward to creating much needed change. Cups of teas will also be included!"

Sophia Ramcharan

Sophia is an independent producer & director and runs her own production company Stella Vision Productions

Sophia has over 10 years experience as a project manager with the BBC and NFTS. She has also coached & mentored women, young people and BAME talent through various organisations including BFI FAN, BAFTA BFI Film Academy Alumni and Eastside Educational Trust.

‘I find it a rewarding and exciting prospect to support the mental health and wellbeing of

the crew and cast, and also supporting productions to meet their legal duty of care and to

embrace that responsibility.’

Jen Annor

Jen graduated from the NFTS with a PGDip in Sound Recording for Film & Television following a degree in Television & Video Production from Southampton Solent University

She has worked in the industry for 10 years on several high profile TV productions and Film Shoots in sound department.

‘Having worked in the Film and TV industry for just over 10 years, I am well and truly overjoyed that such a position has even been thought of. The amount of stress that goes into each departmental work is not only stressful but also frequently, mental health and wellbeing slips right when we need it the most. Having a dedicated member with such a role would help greatly.’

Camise Oldfield

Camise is an experienced Lead Graphic Designer for Film and TV having worked in the Art Department for over 15 years. Camise as well as joining 6ft From The Spotlight as a Director is a member of both BECTU and the Graphic Union’s Diversity and Inclusion committee. During her time as a graphic designer she has mentored many junior colleagues.

Some productions she has worked on include The Batman, The Crown, MI6, Wonder Woman and the Oscar winning 'The King's Speech'

‘I feel that this training really feeds into the work I am trying to do to bring about change.’

Cherlynn Andrew- Wilfred

Cherlynn is now working at the BBC as a Production Co-ordinator in their Comedy audio department having previously worked at ITV. Cherlynn has worked on high profile shows such as 'Dancing on Ice' and 'The Voice'. She is passionate about mental health and wellbeing especially in the context of diversity. Cherlynn is recognised as a mentor looking after junior colleagues.

‘I recognise the need for a knowledgeable professional to be present on set. I know this role will be important in light of the BLM movement. Having someone separate to the production, who you can talk to in confidence, is something I believe is wholly necessary.’

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