Setting up training for Crew members will cost money so fund raising will be by the following methods

  • Donations - Please contact Matt via the Contact Page

  • Crowdfunding which may include the traditional perks such as concert tickets, signed merch etc

  • Provision of training to companies affiliated with the music/film industry

  • Helping us with awareness of the campaign via twitter, facebook, networks, invitations to events where we can promote 6ft From The Spotlight.

    • Adding our logo to your website

    • Decreeing support and hence putting out a press release

  • Engaging in a ‘6ft From’ campaign eg 6ft From ‘Your Crew’, 6ft From ‘Your Band’

  • We need volunteers to help promote at events and on social media or contact their networks to spread the word and raise awareness further

  • We need further healthcare professionals to provide support in case a crew member needs help or advice.