6ft From the Spotlight is a Community Interest Company (CIC) set up with the sole aim of improving the mental wellbeing of Film, TV Theatre and Music crew in the UK.
Our Goals


Prevent crew members taking their own lives by:

  1. Ensuring that production companies know how to meet their duty of care to their employees regardless of status and to ensure that they are held accountable for doing so.

  2. Promoting and assisting with the creation of Menatl health policies and stress/mental health risk assessments for productions.

  3. Helping productions with practical tools to positively promote and manage the mental health of all employees.

  4. Training crew members to recognise the early signs of mental illness and enable them to effectively manage the mental health of their colleagues and employees in accordance with the legal Duty of Care. 

  5. Promote the use of trained mental wellbeing crew on each music tour and film/TV/theatre production.

  6. Promote awareness across the entertainment industry of mental wellbeing issues.

  7. Provide resources and signposting for mental wellbeing support workers in the crew networks.

  8. Promote collaboration within the film, TV, Theatre and music industries to address mental wellbeing issues and ensure that mental wellbeing attains parity with all health and safety considerations.

  9. Support crew members with advice and training.