Emotional Health and Wellbeing Support for Film/TV and Music Crews

6ft From the Spotlight is a non profit Community Interest Company (6ft From CIC) set up with the sole aim of improving the mental wellbeing of music and film crew in the UK.


The majority of people working in the UK Music and film industries are self-employed, often moving from production to production or artist to artist, tour to tour.


The work is long, anti-social hours often away from home with often with little or none of the backing of a corporate structure and support provided in a ‘normal’ work environment.


These arduous and uncertain working conditions can lead to stress and anxiety, substance abuse and other mental health issues.


Sometimes the early signs of mental health issues are overlooked leading to those issues becoming very severe and requiring specialist intervention.


Often helplines and support services direct sufferers of illness to their GP and an already over-subscribed NHS. In some instances treatment will not be received for over 40 weeks through NHS routes.


6ft from the spotlight was formed in July 2017 by Stuart Dew, Matt Longley and Tony Ryan in response to 2 colleagues of Matt’s taking their own lives and Stu witnessing the onset of mental illness in one of the artists he supports. The sole aim was to provide support to music and film crew following a recognition that;


  1. Crew can be seen as being dispensable by some.

  2. Mental wellbeing in both industries need to be put on a par with physical wellbeing.

  3. Support needs to be provided from within the close-knit crew community.

Helplines have been made available over the years, but statistics show that the first call often comes when a mental health issue has become an illness


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6ft From CIC is a non profit company trading as 6ft From The Spotlight

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